Don't just hope for change to come. Work for it.

Start by having conversations that matter.

About Us

LUAN is a social company that promotes the learning of ethics through creative experiences, all in aims of building a better world.

Join us in a new digital experience from May 31 through June 27, 2021 alongside our global community.

Stories before answers

Learn to engage in conversations that matter with your family, your friends, your community, and people you don’t know.

You’re in for four weeks of:

  • Art: you’ll receive inspiring doses of art to remain grounded in the present moment and enjoy it.

  • Reflection: our content will push you to question, challenge, and inquire more about your world. How can you make better decisions?

  • Action: we’ve got exercises and techniques to help you put everything into practice from day one.



  • You’ll be able to dedicate time to yourself and push your self-confidence.

  • Your capacity for framing questions and engaging in curious dialogue with others will be heightened.

  • This is the place to practice your observation and listening skills.

  • We can accompany each other in the process of creating and nurturing relationships based on trust and kindness.

  • Challenge yourself by listening to the different perspectives of people all around the globe! Learn how others solve problems similar to yours.

We can't wait to hear your story.

What’s in it for you?

Every month you will receive different types of content that will inspire you to appreciate life and take action. In the “Stories before answers” experience you will enjoy:

  • Twenty pieces of content you can explore at your own pace in an interactive map. (video and audio)

  • Four events with guest experts.

  • Four toolkits and call to action guides. (PDFs)

  • New content every day within our global community spaces.

  • Many surprises along the way!


Join us!

Become a part of a beautiful global community of people that think, feel, and share all that makes us human.

+3000 people from 107 countries have attended our events.

Anyone over legal age with an Internet connection and a smartphone can join us.

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